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Bobby Whittenberg joined the marines in March of 03' just after the Iraq conflict started.  " I grew up in small towns that were largely conservative Christian and that is what you were expected to do.  I truly believed we were going to be liberating the people of Iraq and keeping the people here safe and I saw on T.V, fathers leaving their children, husbands leaving their wives, mothers leaving their kids and I thought that maybe if I went I could keep someone else from having to."   After being shot on a security convoy in Iraq though, his nationalism began to turn to anger and later compassion.  At first "I was angry at the people of Iraq but than, I realized they had nothing to do with it.  They were just trying to live their lives the same way I was and my anger needed to be directed not towards them but at the people that put us all in this terrible situation, that get to sit back in their ivory tower and watch it all play out like a video game." ..Bobby Whittenberg, Iraq War Veteran from Austin, TX.